Postnatal Care Program Announcement

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We are thrilled to announce our new postnatal care program in collaboration with Maternal and Infant Wellbeing Melbourne.

Following the birth of their baby, all WOGS patients will be provided with a postnatal care package that best suits their needs. This includes:

  • WOGS Day Stay Experience Priority access and pricing
  • 90min ‘Mummy and Me’ massage
  • 90min online or In-Clinic Early Parenting, Sleep and Settling Consultation
  • Private Postnatal Mum and Bub Pilates Class
  • 60min Baby Carrying Consultation.

Our patients can chose the options that best suit their individual needs, to ensure that all patients feel supported during their transition to parenthood.

*There is no OOP cost to the patient for any option, other than the WOGS Day Stay

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