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Frances Perry House and The Women’s have updated their visitor guidelines as of Monday 19 July 2021. The two newest updates are at the top. You can visit to see the full guidelines.

New: Maternity wards: Two (2) people may visit a woman each day. This includes the woman’s partner or designated support person, who can visit outside of visiting hours. For all other visitors, visiting hours are 2pm-8pm.

New: Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery: Two (2) parents or guardians, or designated support person, are welcome to visit together at any time. No other visitors are allowed except in exceptional circumstances.

Birth Suite: Two (2) support people may be with a woman during labour and birth with no time limit (this includes the woman’s partner).

Outpatient appointments and imaging/diagnostic appointments: Patients are encouraged to attend appointments alone. Partners are welcome to Facetime in to appointments. If necessary, one (1) partner or designated support person can accompany a patient to their clinic or imaging appointment.
Babies aged 12 months or younger may accompany their parent in Frances Perry House.

Children who are dependents of a patient may only attend Frances Perry House with the patient if it is not possible to find alternative care during the period of the visit.

All visitors must wear a single use surgical face mask.

Thank you for your patience during this time – we will continue to keep you updated.